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Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogging Machine – ULV1200 Professional

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Thermal Tank

50 Lt. (Stainless Steel)

ULV Tank

50 Lt. (Stainless Steel)

Flush Tank

5 Lt. (Stainless Steel)

Fuel Tank

22 Lt. (Polyethylene)

Formulation Consumption

0 – 530 ML. / Min. (Adjustable flow rate)

Fuel Consumption

1 Lt. – 1,5 Lt. / H.

Blower (Air Pump)

Roots Blower, 10.6 m³ / Min. , 3600 Rpm.


12 Volt Dc., 60 Ah.


240 Kg.


120cm x 99cm x 85 cm (L x W x H)

Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogging Machine ULV 1200 PROFESSIONAL (2 in 1) is the most practical vehicle-mounted pest and vector control fogging machine worldwide. Bug populations i.e. mosquito and houseflies, carrying contagious diseases like dengue fever, are taken under control with insecticide fogging treatment. You can use the ULV 1200 Professional machine even if you break the machine’s control panel. We design our White Fog® machines in a manner that the spraying activity is not interrupted no matter what. You may operate this device in 3 different modes. 1) With a manual controller. 2) Without a manual controller with the switch button available on the motor. 3) With the pulling cord. Even if the battery is exhausted due to the on-left control panel, you can start the machine on the next day by means of a pulling-cord, and it auto-charges its battery in a half-hour. The ULV 1200 professional device guarantees you a malfunction-less and fail-safe spraying activity. Continuity and sustainability of the spraying activity is very important for biocidal fighting. 1 daily spraying program failure causes the propagation of mosquito carrying thousands of diseases.

If you possess the ULV1200 Professional device you are able to realize the following applications.

Distinctive properties of the Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogging Machine, ULV1200 Professional:

A. Thermal Fogger

Owing to a micron diameter of 0-30µm, oil-based thermal fogging particles drifting in the air are resistant. The particles surrounded by an oil layer develop resistance against the sunlight and do not evaporate. This suspended particles with the help of wind it is dragged over for longer distances. Thus, the rate of contact of the insecticide with the bug is higher. Briefly, with this system, insecticide efficiency is guaranteed. (Nota bene: The Thermal Fogger property is used for fighting with all kinds of vectors i.e. houseflies and mosquito. The size of the bug doesn’t matter.)

B. Cold Fogger

Owing to a micron diameter of 0-30µm, water-based cold fogging particles do not endanger the traffic flow as it sprays transparent mist. One other reason behind its preference is that cold fogging is more economic compared to the cost of oil-based applications. It is because, the formulation tank is filled with water and insecticide formulation, and not with oil-based diesel and insecticide formulation.

Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogger properties are used for different purposes and at different times. Oil-based thermal fogger property can be used under sunlight. The Cold Fogger property is used in the evening when the sun goes down or in the morning when the sun rises.

C. ULV Fogger

The properties of the Cold Fogger and ULV are quite different from each other. They both have different utilization areas. Owing to the micron size of 30-50µm, water-based ULV Fogger performs transparent mist application. The micron sizes are larger compared to the Cold Fogger property. For instance, a 40µm particle is exposed to evaporation of 20% after 100 meters due to the effect of evaporation of the sunray. Thus, its size decreases to 32µm. 1 insecticide particle with a size of 32 µm is sufficient to kill a housefly.  However, an insecticide particle with 10µm may not kill the housefly, or a larger size vector like a mosquito, even if it comes in contact with the housefly. Due to this reason, ULV treatment with large micron size is used with larger vectors like houseflies and bugs of equal size. The evaporating effect of the sunlight will cause losses on the sprayed micron size in direct proportion to the passing time. The properties of the Cold Fogging and ULV are quite different from each other. They both have different utilization areas. Persons, who know these utilization areas and performing an application at right time with the appropriate micron diameter according to the bug size to be fought, obtain better results.

D. Mist Sprayer

Owing to a micron diameter of 50-100µm, water-based mist sprayer property, the ULV1200 Professional device performs spraying with an average of 70-micron diameter. Thanks to the special nozzles of the device, all nozzles can turn 45 degrees up, down, left, and right. It can spray a 7-meter-wide road or every square millimeter of children park exposed to acarid attack. This is called residual spraying and is used for pest and vector control, to eliminate bugs with a larger size than housefly like acarid, larva, cockroach.

E. Thermal Fogging Gun

Owing to 3-meter-long stainless steel and flexible thermal fogging gun property, which performs oil-based application with 0-30µm, one can easily perform sewer fogger treatment.  Mosquito or housefly vectors constitute intensive populations in sewers. Even in cold winter months, where mosquitos or houseflies cannot survive in the atmosphere, they can survive intensively in sewers. They continue their lifecycles around the heat releasing underground cables. Therefore, it is important to insecticide sewers non-stop during the summer and winter months. Thanks to the thermal fogging gun property you can perform oil-based insecticide fogging applications in sewers. Additionally, you can delay the evaporation rate against the heat prevailing in the sewer and realize a more efficient spraying activity. During this application, you have to pay high attention to occupational safety. When performing thermal fogging, a methane gas explosion may occur in the sewer. If there is no methane gas accumulation in the sewer, you may perform a thermal fogger application. However, if you are not sure, do not take a risk! Instead, use the ULV Cold Fogging Gun property. ULV Fogging Gun property does not cause a methane gas explosion.

F. ULV Cold Fogging Spraying Gun

ULV cold fogging gun has a 5-meter-long flexible silicone hose. The silicone hose recovers its former cylindrical shape even if you drive over the house with a car. The house is not affected by squeezes because it is made of silicone and does not include metal wires. Hence, it is durable. You may perform spraying in two different types with droplet diameter sizes of 0-30µm or 30-50µm. This means either with the Cold Fogging property or ULV fogger property. Where methane gas explosion risk exists in sewers, you may perform a safe insecticide application with the ULV Cold Fogging Spray Gun. The liquid containing insecticide is disintegrated with the power of the heatless air. On the contrary to thermal fogger disintegrating with the heat. This prevents the inflaming of methane gas. Further, the ULV cold fogging gun is practical for dumpsters. Dumpsters constitute a propagation area for houseflies. They leave their larva to dumpsters and continue propagation. For an efficient spraying activity definitely include dumpsters in your spraying area.

General Information for Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogger;

1. What is a thermal fogger?

Thermal Fogging Devices realize oil-based spraying activity. Is can spray particles containing insecticide in a range of 0-50µm. Changing this particle size requires to change the consumption flow rate of the formulation liquid. Small micron diameters require less consumption. Large micron diameters require high consumption. The reason why the thermal fogging device is mostly preferred is its capability to perform spraying with small micron diameters. Since it performs oil-based spraying, it is resistant against the evaporation effect of the sunlight. Is can remain longer in the air without evaporating or dissolving and thus the rate of contact with the bug increases.

2. What is a Cold Fogger?

Cold Fogging devices realize water-based spraying activity. The formulation liquid is disintegrated with air pressure. It is not disintegrated with heat like thermal foggers. Therefore, it can spray all fluid liquid and in very small microns. It sprays particles containing insecticide in a range of 0-30µm. The most important property of the Cold Fogger system is that the sprayed particles can be dragged over very far distances since it sprays in very small micron sizes. Thanks to the small micron diameter property, cold fogging devices, which are used for vector control treatment purposes for mosquito, are as efficient as the thermal foggers.

3. What is a ULV Fogger?

ULV Fogger devices are systems performing water-based applications like Cold Fogging devices. However, the difference between ULV fogger and Cold Fogger is the size of the sprayed micron diameter. Cold Fogger (0-30µm) devices are used for the vector control treatment. ULV Fogger devices (30-50µm) are used for housefly applications.

4. At which daytime the most efficient spraying is done?

The right time for the most efficient spraying activity differs.  Wind velocity, wind direction, air temperature, low-pressure, high-pressure functions are affecting the spraying activity. Spraying should be done in accordance with the vital activity of the vector to be fought after collecting sufficient information. For instance, mosquito vector of dengue fever are active during the daytime. Their peak flight activity is in the morning and in the afternoon. Whereas houseflies and similar species are more active during the day and before sunset.

5. How should space treatment be made?

It is accepted by the World Health Organization that the droplets for mosquito or housefly vector fogger treatment have to be produced at 10-30 µm. Thus, even with little evaporation with the time passing, the optimum suspension in the air, and the accurate dimensions for the bug effect is maintained.

The wind velocity is important for the droplet distribution and the contact on the bugs. Dragging the droplets downwards from the route line requires a wind velocity of 1-4 meters per second (approx. 4 ~ 15 km/hour). Do not spray where the wind velocity is over 15 km/hour.

The WHO (World Health Organization) makes some recommendations for space treatment and established criteria. For more technical details please see information in the book “A Practitioner’s Guide” of the WHO (World Health Organization).


1 review for Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogging Machine – ULV1200 Professional

  1. Ghassan Anabtawi

    Thermal fogger and ULV cold fogger function on one machine. Both treatment type it is perfect!

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