Electric Portable ULV Cold Fogger Machine Manufacturer – MiniULV


Rated Voltage

220/240V AC – 50/60 Hz.

Rated Current

2000 W.



Formulation Consumption

0 – 350 ML. / Min. (Adjustable flow rate)

Droplet Size

20µm – 50µm (Adjustable with flow rate)


Manuel valve

Cord Length

3 Mt.


6 Kg.


45cm x 12cm x 40cm ( L x W x H )

The Electric  Portable ULV Cold fogger is produced in Turkey by us, the WhiteFog® company. WhiteFog® is established in Turkey in 1989. Our company offers 30+ years of experience in engineering, customer relations, and worldwide sales.

All our products are manufactured in compliance with the criteria of the World Health Organization.

Electric Portable ULV fogger machine is used for (1) disinfection and sterilization purposes. It is a great tool for fighting against the Covid-19 virus, the world’s actual agenda.  Besides, (2) it has the property of an insecticide fogger. It is a great machine for fighting against contagious diseases, against mature bugs such as mosquitos and houseflies.

The Mini ULV model performs spraying with a diameter of 20µm. This extremely small micron diameter ensures superior success in the disinfection application. Therefore, sprayed particles have a higher chance of coming in contact with and eliminating the virus.

You can support the fight with the coronavirus in your country with the manufacturer ‘s Electric Portable ULV Cold fogger. We desire to establish worldwide dealerships and business partnerships. If you think that you can sell our disinfection devices in your country please contact us via our contact address for dealerships. As a manufacturer, we will be pleased to cooperate with you.

Our disinfection devices are used in the fight with viruses all over the world. Since the electric portable ULV Cold fogger is a mini ULV model, it is an economic, highly preferred model. The Health Ministries of many countries are using disinfecting fogging machines of WhiteFog brand to fight against the virus all around the world.

China as the epicenter of the virus took the necessary measures to fight with the Covid19 before other countries. It controlled and stopped the spreading of the virus thanks to the help of the use of portable ULV fogging machines.

Distinguished properties of  manufacturer ‘s electric portable ULV fogger;

The ULV fogger disintegrates the disinfectant liquid into very small particles thanks to the cold fogging technique. The Mini ULV device sprays a 5-liter disinfectant liquid with  “” particles of 20 µm particle diameter. Since the sprayed disinfectants have a quite small micron diameter, the virus elimination potential is higher compared to similar devices spraying larger micron diameters.  The virus does not die if the disinfectant liquid does not come in contact with the virus, and the application remains fruitless.

♦ Electric portable ULV Cold fogger = 20 µm, 5 Litre, particles.
♦ Backpack type garden pulverizator (sprayer) = 75 µm, 5 Litre, 11.900.000.000 particles.

The electric ULV fogging machine is very practical for indoor space treatments. The electric motor doesn’t release carbon dioxide like gasoline motors.

Since it is water-based, it can be used for all disinfections. Furthermore, it can disinfect an area of 750 min 1 minute.

Operation principles of electric  portable ULV Cold fogging machine

High airflow rate creates an intense pressure. It disintegrates the disinfectant liquid into very small particles, and sprays them in 20µm dimensions. Next, the sprayed particles are dragged in the air and reach to every space. What is more, the micron dimensions if desired can be adjusted between 20-50 µm.

Utilization Areas

This product, once filled with the disinfectant liquid, is used as a disinfection fogger to combat with contagious diseases and the Covid-19 virus. It is widely used by state institutions like the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of diseases as Covid-19. In other words, this specification makes it a perfect tool for public health.

Next, Mini ULV, thanks to its insecticide fogger property, is used for pest control purposes in vector fighting. It is used in fight against mature bugs such as mosquitos and locusts. It is a perfect tool for agricultural spraying, and for spraying greenhouses.

Information about manufacturer ‘s electric portable ULV Cold fogger

a. Micron diameter;

Micron diameter means the size of 1 particle, expressed in “µm”. 1 mm is equal to 1000 microns. A human hair is 100µm thick, a particle’s size of an electric portable ULV Cold fogging machine varies between 20µm~50µm. What is more, one can adjust the disinfectant liquid consumption by adjusting the micron diameter. For more detailed information see the link “Importance of the Micron Diameter”.


b. Thermal Fogging or Cold Fogging, which one is more efficient in the disinfection treatment?

Since thermal foggers transform the liquid formulation into vapor state with the help of heat, these machines are not suitable for some disinfectant liquids. Yet, disinfectant liquids used for thermal foggers are available. We recommend you to ask the supplier when buying disinfectant liquids. The electric portable ULV Cold fogging machines, on the other hand, are disintegrating the disinfectant liquid without the heat, they can be used with all fluid disinfectant liquids.

c. Operation difference between the ULV and Thermal Fogger: 

Thermal foggers transform the formulation into vapor state with the help of heat. Cold foggers, on the other hand, transform the formulation into vapor state with the help of air pressure instead of heat. When buying an electric portable ULV Cold fogger pay attention that the motor watt power is not under 2000W. A powerful motor ensures obtaining a smaller micron diameter, and thus a more efficient sterilization process. In other words, if the motor power is under 2000W, the machine cannot spray small micron diameters. Being a cold fogger requires the capability of spraying under 30µm, ie. spraying an average of 20µm.

d. Micron Sizes:

Thermal Foggers = 0-30µm
Cold Foggers = 0-30µm
ULV Foggers  = 30-50µm
Mist Sprayer Machines = 50-100µm
Garden Sprayers = 100-200µm

e. World Health Organization

If you need more technical information please see the book “A Practitioner’s Guide” of the WHO (World Health Organization).

If the Mini ULV portable fogging machine is not suitable for you, please see the manufacturer ‘s Turbo ULV machine



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