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Vehicle Mounted Thermal Fogger – Pulse Jet Machine SM700

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Burn Cell Frequency

72.400 Kcal / H.


60 Lt. (Stainless steel)

Fuel Tank

9 Lt. (Stainless Steel)

Formulation Consumption

80 – 160 Lt. / H. (Adjustable)

Fuel Consumption

9 Lt. / H.

Formulation Tank Pressure

0.3 Bar

Fuel Tank Pressure

0.3 Bar


12 Volt Dc., 60 Ah.


65 Kg.


199cm x 66cm x 55cm ( L x W x H )

We are the producer of Vehicle Mounted Thermal Fogger Machines. WhiteFog has been founded in 1989 in Turkey.  Car Mounted Thermal fogging machine model SM700 of our company is a gasoline-powered insecticide fogging machine with the oil-based formulation and pulse jet motor. If a water-based formulation is desired to be used with this machine, please contact the producer company prior to placing an order to ensure that the necessary modification is done by us.

Properties of the Vehicle Mounted Thermal Fogging Machine SM700

The vehicle-mounted thermal fogging machine SM700 disintegrates the formulation liquid into very small particles. It is able to apply an insecticide or disinfection treatment on an area of 40.000 m3 or 6 hectares in 1 hour. The SM700 device is able to spray a 60 litre formulation in particles with a particle diameter of 15 µm. It is important to underline a fact that if the insecticide does not contact with the bug, the bugs will never die! Elimination of the bug or virus requires that the sprayed particle comes in contact with the pest. The probability that the insecticide particles sprayed by the SM700 machine contacts and kills the bug, or the probability that the disinfection liquid eliminates the coronavirus is much higher compared to other machines. This is because it sprays much more pesticide or disinfectant particle amounts. In the below table, you will see the particle amount sprayed by the SM700.

Technical Details

♦ Vehicle mounted thermal fogging machine SM700 = 15 µm, 60 Litre, particles.
♦ Backpack type garden pulverizer = 75 µm, 5 Litre, 11.900.000.000 particles.

An important property of the vehicle mounted thermal fogging machine is that it is gasoline-powered and is able to perform spraying with small micron diameters by means of its pulse jet motor. The insecticide does not fall on the floor. Since it is oil-based, the surrounding of the insecticide is covered with an oil layer and develops a defense or resistance against sunlight und thus it delays the evaporation under sunlight. The rate of contact with the bugs is higher because the particles remain longer suspended in the air. The bugs die when the contact occurs.

Due to these reasons, the car mounted thermal fogging machine SM700, which we are the manufacturer, is a very efficient spraying machine.

Operation principle of the vehicle mounted thermal fogging machine;

Truck mounted thermal fogger machines transforms the liquid into vapor with its pulse jet system and by the help of high temperature (firing chamber 1200C°, heat conjunction point of the formulation liquid 450C°). The smallest micron diameters are obtained with thermal foggers. Because the diameter of the sprayed particles ranges between dimensions of 0-15 µm and the sprayed particles are very small, they are able to reach anywhere by drifting.

Utilization Areas:

  • This machine is used in the area of public health and environmental health. It is used in governmental institutions i.e. Ministry of Health or municipalities for space treatment purposes in order to prevent the spreading of diseases like “zika virus, COVID, COVID-19, chikungunya, malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever”.
  • Owing to its insecticide fogging property the vehicle mounted thermal fogging machine is used for pest control purposes in vector fighting in order to exterminate bugs such as houseflies, grasshoppers, and mosquitos.
  • Filled with Anti-Freeze liquid it is used for agro-frost protection in the agricultural area.
  • It is used for agricultural spraying and spraying in greenhouses.
  • Filled with disinfectant liquid it is used in fighting against the COVID 19 virus.

To underline, the SM700 Truck mounted thermal fogging machine generates with its pulse jet motor a high temperature and sprays the formulation in mist form.

Notifications About Vehicle Mounted Thermal Foggers;

a. What is a Thermal Fogger?

Truck mounted thermal fogger machines perform oil-based spraying with the power of pulse jet. It is more efficient compared to cold foggers, which is because the particles protected by oil do not evaporate later under the sunlight. Additionally, the particles are able to reach more distant points. Vehicle mounted thermal fogging machines save spray-substance and time. Car mounted thermal fogger machines are preferred for first emergency intervention at places with an intensive contagious disease and places, which are under excessive bug attack or virus. Cold foggers, on the other hand, are used for periodical space treatment after thermal foggers. Cold foggers are water-based and the cost of water is more economical compared to the cost of oil-based (diesel) applications. For this reason, cold foggers can widely be preferred.  The importance is that oil-based Vehicle mounted thermal fogging machines and water-based Vehicle mounted cold fogging machines’ utilization purpose differs.

b. What is the difference between truck mounted thermal fogger machines and cold foggers?

Cold foggers and thermal foggers are able to spray the same micron diameters. Cold foggers disintegrate the liquid into very small parts without using heat by air pressure exiting from the head nozzle. Vehicle mounted thermal fogger machines, on the other hand, transforms the liquid into vapor by the means of heat.  The air pump of the cold fogging machine must be a roots blower. Otherwise, the small micron diameter cannot be obtained.  In the absence of a strong air pump the cold fogger sprays microns with large diameters (i.e. 60 µm). In this case, this machine cannot be called a cold fogger. It needs to be called a mist sprayer. Briefly, a device must be able to perform spraying with a particle diameter of under 30 µm to be considered as a cold fogger.

c. What is the difference between the operation principle of the thermal fogger and cold fogger?

Micron diameter means the size of 1 particle sprayed by the machine. The micron diameter symbol is “µm”.  1 millimeter is equal to 1000 µm.  A human hair is averagely 100µm thick. Thermal fogger machines are able to perform 1µm~50µm spraying. The micron diameter is adjustable over the device. While mosquito fighting requires a particle application of 0-15µm; for housefly fighting requires a particle diameter of 15-32µm. The adjustment of the micron diameter should depend on the application time and insect type to be fought. Remember that the smallest micron diameter is provided by the portable thermal fogging machine. More detailed information can be obtained via the link “importance of the micron diameter”.

d. Machines and their micron dimensions

0-30µm = Cold Fogger
0-30µm= Thermal Fogger
30-50µm = ULV Fogger
50-100µm = Mist Sprayer
100-200µm size = Garden Sprayer

e. Does the Vehicle mounted thermal fogging machine eliminate the active substance of the insecticide due to the high temperature?

Car mounted thermal fogging machines do not eliminate the active substance of the insecticide due to the high temperature. Instead, it performs a more efficient spraying activity. As a manufacturer, we can guarantee you this. If you transform a liquid substance from a liquid state into a vapor state. And subsequently, re-transform the vapor into a liquid through condensation, you will not obtain the same rate. There will be a loss of 1%. Your 60 litre formulation liquid will be sprayed as 59,4 Lt. On the other hand, it gives a smaller micron diameter.  Briefly, higher the contact probability of the particle containing pesticide with the bug. Therefore, the spraying activity becomes more efficient and ensures spray saving.

f. Application criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO);

The WHO (World Health Organization) supplies recommendations for space treatment and establishes criteria. For more technical information, please see the detailed information given in the book “A Practitioner’s Guide” of the WHO (World Health Organization).

If the capacity of the SM700 Vehicle mounted thermal fogging machine is over-performative for your fighting activity, you may investigate our Portable Thermal Fogger Model SM600. We produce this machine for smaller fighting activities. The SM600 model is a portable machine, which can be carried manually and on a backpack.

Frost Protection Thermal Fogger

Frost Protection Thermal Fogger

Vehicle Mounted Thermal Fogger

Vehicle Mounted Thermal Fogger


3 hectares field: SM600
10 hectares field: SM700
40 hectares field: ULTRA FOGGER



10 reviews for Vehicle Mounted Thermal Fogger – Pulse Jet Machine SM700

  1. Ricardo Romanis

    I learned that it is the most effective machine at morning frost combat, is it correct? I have a 100000m2 hazelnut garden, machine capacity is ok for my garden ? I will send a email to you about more information. Ricardo..

  2. Sekar Ramamoorthy

    Do you have a distributor in Kenya? If it is yes please share their contact numbers.

  3. Catarina Marques

    Qual é o preço da máquina..

  4. Naji Zahran

    ما هو سعر الجهاز

  5. Pedro Ramos

    Cual es el precio de la maquina ?

  6. Ahmed Abrulrahzi

    What is the exworks price of machine?

  7. Alireza Alemi

    قیمت دستگاه چنده

  8. Petr Gorshkov

    какова цена машины

  9. Effiong Akpan

    We need 2 numbers of the this Jet machine SM700 , sent the price and shipment to port harcourt Nigeria.

  10. Carlos Moreira

    Quel est le prix de la machine?

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