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Desert locust insecticide fogger machine – MIST BLOWER 18 Hp.

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Flush Tank

30 Lt. (Polyethylene)

Fuel Tank

30 Lt. (Polyethylene)

Formulation Consumption

0 – 130 Lt. / H. (Adjustable with nozzles)

Fuel Consumption

1 Lt. – 1,5 Lt. / H.

High Pressure Pump

Comet APS51, 3 Membrane

Pump Control Unit

Comet HPR2

Spraying Gun

50 meters long mist spraying gun

Remote Control

Engine start/stop, Engine speed control, Spraying on/off, Lighting lamp on/off, Spraying head control with joystick and Warning lights.


12 Volt Dc., 60 Ah.


400 Kg.


120cm x 98cm x 160cm ( L x W x H )

The desert locust insecticide fogger machine Mist Blower – 18 Hp. is used for fighting big sized living creatures like locusts since it is performing intensive spraying with 70 micron thickness. Locust swarms are causing a serious damage to the agriculture when stopping-over in countries on their migration way. For this reason the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health are launching joint studies for fighting desert locust. The desert locust insecticide fogger machine Mist Blower – 18 Hp, which producer we are, is designed for the elimination of locust swarms. Desert locust insecticide fogger machine Mist Blower device is suitable for all pickup vehicles and is capable to perform spraying to any desired position owing to its automatic nozzle. Further thanks to tits 50 metre long hose and spray gun locust fogging treatment can be continued at spaces inaccessible by vehicles.

Countries like “Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Iran, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Yemen” constitute the migration way for desert locusts.

Outstanding properties of the desert locust insecticide fogger machine;

1. It has 8 mist spraying nozzles of (70µm) diameter and 8 adet ULV fogging nozzles of (40µm) diameter. Totally 16 nozzles exist.

2. Automatic nozzle is turned to the desired position with the joystick via the controller. Thanks to the 270° (up-down), 300° (left-right) property it is capable to swivel 360°.

3. It has a 50 metre long high pressure resistant hose and a professional spraying gun. Thanks to the beam property of the spraying gun it can perform spraying in 2 different modes as long and short. (The spraying hose can be increased to a length capacity of 100 metres if desired.)

4. Owing to its 18 Hp. Briggs Stratton gasoline engine and 30 litre fuel tank capacity it can operate constantly 25 ~ 30 hours.

5. If the 500 litre formulation tank capacity should be insufficient, formulation draught can be performed from a further 2000 litre tank.

6. Thanks to the high air flow rate the sprayed particles have an influence area of minimum 100 metres by the help of wind.

7. Desert locust insecticide fogging machine has an illumination lamp on the nozzle suitable for night utilization and illuminate at night time the area targeted by the nozzle with the illumination lamp.

It is suitable for small chassis pick-up vehicles. Its specification fits into actual pick-up vehicle.


What is the Desert Locust? Information about Desert Locust Life cycle ;

The desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria) is a locust-specie. The desert locust is potentially the most dangerous specie of the locust pests because of the ability of swarms to fly rapidly across long distances. It has two to five generations per year. They can cover 120 to 250 kilometres in a day and fly up to about 2,100 metres above sea level. A single swarm can cover up to 1250 square kilometres and can contain between 45 and 85 million locusts per square kilometre (a total of around 51 to 110 billion locusts per swarm, representing 102,000 to 220,000 tons, considering an average mass of 2 grams per cricket). The locust can live between three and six months, and there is a ten to 16-fold increase in locust numbers from one generation to the next.

Fighting Manner;

With the desert locust insecticide fogging machine attention has to be paid to baby fighting, it should be tried to complete the fighting before the locusts become mature. It is possible to perform baby-fighting at any daytime, whereby mature fighting should be done at early morning hours or late evening hours. Not only with large micron diameters, i.e. with mist sprayers, parallel spraying activities should be performed also with cold fogging devices. See our Cold Fogger device from our Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogging Machine – ULV1200 Professional page.

Desert Locust’s damages:

Locusts are pests, which can cause outbreaks if not fought timely.  The cause damage by eating plants and cutting the stems. They fed over many culture plats and care causing huge damages particularly to plantlets. They are even capable to cause scarcity.  Green locusts fed and cause damage on grass and pastures, vineyards and nursery trees; and black locusts on the roots and stems of new-emerging seeds, at vineyards on young sprouts of vine-stocks, vegetables, beetroot, and cotton and tobacco seedlings. Moroccan and Italian locusts are mainly causing damage on grass and pastures, field crops and fodder plants. The Locusta Migratoria causes primarily damage on cereals, sunflower, cotton and vineyards. The higher their insensitivity is the more increases the caused damage; they may cause damages up to 100%. Besides, it is determined that some locusts are carrying viruses and are conveying these to clean plants. When our desert locust insecticide fogging machine Mist Blower device, which producer we are, is use for fighting, the damages are minimized.

The WHO (World Health Organization) makes some recommendations for space treatment and established criteria. For more technical details please see detailed information in the book “A Practitioner’s Guide” of the WHO (World Health Organization).


1 review for Desert locust insecticide fogger machine – MIST BLOWER 18 Hp.

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    Do you have a distributor in Saudi arabia?

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Key Features

50 m. HOSE

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