Fumigation Machine Thermal Fogging – SM900

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Burn Cell Frequency

36.200 Kcal / H.


100 Lt. (Stainless Steel)

Fuel Tank

4,5 Lt.

Formulation Consumption

0 – 110 Lt. / H. (Adjustable with valve)

Fuel Consumption

4.5 Lt / H.

Formulation Tank Pressure

0,4 Bar

Fuel Tank Pressure

0,2 Bar


12 Volt Dc., 60 Ah.


80 Kg.


199cm x 100cm x 55cm ( L x W x H )

Fumigation machine thermal fogging SM900 has a 57,3 Hp. pulse jet engine. The SM900 fumigation machine performs oil-based fumigation. This means the droplets suspended in the air are oil-layered. Hence droplets containing insecticide develop resistance to sunlight or high air temperature and do not evaporate. Thus, in relation to consumed insecticide, a more efficient application is realized in a fight with bug species like mosquitos. The sprayed particles have an average micron size of 15 µm. In other words, it is capable to spray a 100 litre formulation in 31.800.000.000.000 particles. This means, the potential of the sprayed insecticide to come in contact with the bug is higher than all other spraying machines. It is capable to apply insecticide or disinfection treatment on an area of 40.000m3 or 6 hectares in 1 hour.

The SM900 device is suitable for all pickup vehicles. If you need a portable thermal fogger, please check our portable thermal fogging machine – SM600.

Working Principle:

The SM900 fumigation machines thermal fogger has a remote control, and gasoline operated 57,3 Hp pulse jet engine. Thanks to this high-power engine, the combustion cell develops a temperature of 1200°C.  At the ending section of the nozzle, the temperature falls down to 450°C. The formulation liquid is transferred to this area where the temperature is 450°C. During this process, the oil-based formulation is transformed into a vapor state and the spraying process is finally realized.

Utilization Areas:

  • It is used as a disinfection fogger in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.
  • It is used in environmental health and public health. It is used for insecticide space treatment
  • It is used in pest control activities, in fights with vectors and bugs i.e. mosquitos, houseflies, locusts.
  • It is used in agricultural spraying and in
  • When filled with anti-freeze, it is used for protection against agri-frost.

Information about fumigation machine SM900

In our sector, the fumigation machines are classified under 5 main groups. Thermal Foggers (0-30µm); Cold Foggers (0-30µm); ULV Foggers (30-50µm); Mist Sprayers (50-100µm); Garden Sprayers (100-200µm). Their utilization purposes differ from each other. However, it should be known that the smaller the sprayed particle size, the more the potential of contact with the virus will be, hence a more efficient fighting activity will be realized.  The fact is that a small sprayed particle ensures insecticide and time-saving. For instance, while a farmer can spray in 4 hours a greenhouse of 1000 m2, with a thermal fogging device this spraying process can be done within 10 minutes in a homogeneous manner.

What is the difference between a Fumigation Machine Thermal Fogger and a ULV fogger?

Since the fumigation machine thermal fogger performs oil-based fogging, it is resistance against the evaporating effect of the sunlight increases its efficiency. ULV fogging devices are performing water-based spraying and thus the evaporation level of the water happens faster than the oil-based formulation. Performing fumigation with the ULV fogger, considering the micron dimensions and evaporation rates, will require more spraying.

What is a micron diameter?

Micron diameter means the dimension of 1 particle. It is expressed with the symbol “µm”. [1 mm = 1000 µm]. A human hair, for instance, is 100µm thick. Fumigation machine thermal foggers are capable to perform particles with 1µm~50µm. Mosquito fighting requires a particle application of 0-15µm, while for housefly fighting a particle diameter needs to be 15-30µm. For more detailed information please see the link “Importance of the Micron Diameter”.

Space Treatment methods:

For insecticide space treatment spraying, 11~31 µm is recommended by the World Health Organization. This micron diameter is found to be efficient for spraying activity, even with a little amount of evaporation. Additionally, the wind velocity is important. A wind velocity of 1-4 metre (approx. 4 ~ 15 km/hour) is required for an efficient spraying activity. Spraying activity should not be performed when the wind velocity is over 15 km/hour.  For more detailed information see our page “Space Treatment Guide”.

For more technical information please see the detailed information from the book “A Practitioner’s Guide” of the WHO (World Health Organization).


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