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infectious Thermal Foggers - infectious Cold Foggers

infectious Thermal Foggers

infectious Thermal Foggers If you are an operator, the visible fog provides peace of mind to your clients who can actually see you doing something to combat their problem. A thermal fogger uses heat to help spread the solution as a thermal fog, whereas a cold fogger will use air pressure to help spread the solution in the form of small particles. It’s easy to control and monitor the flow of the fog.

infectious Cold Foggers

infectious Cold Foggers They are cheaper to use since you won’t need to buy additional fuel. if you use a ULV aerosol generator to spread pesticide, you will actually be spreading it in tiny particles that spread through the air, killing pests. Ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers, as the name suggests, use a low amount of fogging liquid. This results in a lower cost of application.