Vehicle Mounted ULV Cold Fogging Machine Manufacturer – ULV1200




Flush Tank

5 Lt. (Stainless Steel)

Fuel Tank

22 Lt. (Polyethylene)

Formulation Consumption

0 – 530 ML. / Min. (Adjustable flow rate)

Fuel Consumption

1 Lt. – 1,5 Lt. / H.

Blower (Air Pump)

Roots Blower, 10.6 m³ / Min. , 3600 Rpm.

Remote Control

Remote control on / off, Engine start / stop, ULV spraying on / off, Flush on / off.


12 Volt Dc., 60 Ah.


200 Kg.


110cm x 99cm x 85cm (L x W x H)

Vehicle Mounted ULV Cold Fogging Machine ULV 1200 is the most popular and most preferred vehicle mounted ULV Fogging machine worldwide. It is used for pest and vector control purposes. The machine is highly preferred since it is produced from quality materials and complies with the criteria of the World Health Organization. Additionally, the longevity of our ULV 1200 device is longer than 10 years. With the insecticide fogger treatment, it is used to take bug populations like mosquitos and houseflies under control, which carry contagious diseases like dengue fever. We designed the vehicle mounted ULV cold fogging machine ULV 1200 device problem-free. The periodic pest control activity does not get interrupted with technical problems i.e. damaged remote control. You can operate the machine in 3 different modes. Through 1. Remote Control, 2. Switch button on the motor or 3. Pulling Cord. If the user forgets to switch off the button on the motor after usage, and the battery is exhausted, and you are unable to start the machine automatically from the controller, you can start the device using the pulling cord. What is more, the battery can charge itself again within 20 minutes.

If the vehicle mounted ULV Cold fogging machine ULV1200 device is not sufficient for you and if you are looking for a more professional device please see our Thermal Fogger and Cold Fogging Machine – ULV1200 Professional model.

Properties of the Vehicle Mounted ULV Cold Fogging Machine – ULV 1200;

Cold Fogger:

It is used for fighting against mosquitos. The micron size ranges between 0-30µm. Thanks to the water-based cold fogging property it performs transparent mist application. The sprayed droplet diameters are small as in thermal fogging devices. On the other hand, it does not endanger the traffic like the thermal fogging machine. It is because it sprays a transparent mist. Additionally, since vehicle mounted ULV cold fogging machines are water-based, it has an economic application cost. The formulation tank is filled with water and insecticide formulation.

ULV Fogger:

It is used for fighting against houseflies. The micron size ranges between 30-50µm. It performs mist application with its water-based ULV Fogger property. The sprayed particles are larger than the Cold Fogger application.  Killing bigger sized bugs than mosquitos i.e. houseflies requires larger micron diameters. Vehicle mounted ULV cold fogging machines of WhiteFog ® brand possess the Cold Fogger property as well as the ULV Fogger property.

Mist Sprayer:

It is used for acarid and grasshopper applications. The micron size ranges between 50-100µm. The ULV 1200 device can perform spraying with an average of 70 micron diameter with Mist Sprayer specification. All nozzles are 45 degrees adjustable can move to the right, left, up, and down. With the residual scanning method, it is capable to spray a 7-meter-wide road or a park exposed to an acarid attack. Mist sprayer is used for pest control purposes for the elimination of bugs of large size like larva, acarid, cockroach.

ULV Cold Fogging Spraying Gun (Optional Specification):

It 5-meter-long flexible house ULV Cold Fogging Spraying Gun is capable to perform 0-30µm or 30-50µm spraying. The user can perform two kind of spraying activity: ULV fogger or Cold Fogger. This is a practical property for dumpster and sewer spraying.

General Information for the Vehicle Mounted ULV Cold Fogging Machine;

What is a ULV Fogger?

ULV Fogger devices perform water-based pest control applications just as Cold Fogging devices. White fog branded, Vehicle-mounted ULV cold fogging machines, which are the manufacturer, have both cold fogger and ULV Fogger specifications. The difference between the ULV fogger and Cold Fogger is the sprayed micron diameter size. Cold Fogging devices (0-30µm) are used for mosquitos. ULV Fogging devices (30-50µm) are used for housefly applications.

What is Cold Fogger?

Cold Fogging devices perform water-based spraying. The liquid is disintegrated with the help of air pressure just as in ULV Fogging devices. It sprays particles containing insecticide with the micron diameter 0-30µm. A cold Fogger performs a spraying activity with a very small micron size.  So that sprayed particles can be dragged to very far distances.

How should a space treatment be done?

Wind velocity is very important for the droplet distribution and its contact with the bugs. Dragging the droplets to a far distance requires a wind velocity of 1-4 metre (4 ~ 15 km/hour). Space treatment should not be performed when the wind velocity is more than 15 km/hour. You can obtain more detailed information regarding this subject from the page “Space Treatment practitioner’s guide“.

At which time of the day the spraying with Vehicle Mounted ULV Cold Fogging Machine should be done?

Atmospheric circumstances, like wind direction, wind velocity, air temperature, high pressure, low pressure, affects the efficiency of a spraying activity. Also, the daily vital activity of bugs needs to be known. That is said, for instance, houseflies and similar species are more active during the day and before sunset. On the other hand, mosquito vectors of dengue fever are active during the daytime. Their peak flight activity is in the morning and in the afternoon.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has written a book about space treatment. More detailed information can be obtained from the address “A practitioner’s guide”.



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